Don’t get caught out if you move premises

If you move your business to new commercial premises, as with moving house it is important to ascertain and inform the provider of utilities of your move and set up a new contract with the existing or a new provider.  If you overlook this and use the utility supply to the premises, the providing company will place you on deemed contract and this could turn out to be costly.

The Standard Licence Conditions which apply to suppliers of gas and electricity place rules on how suppliers can operate within their licence.  They dictate that when placing a business customer on a deemed contract the supplier must:

•    take all reasonable steps to provide the Principal Terms of the deemed contract including the charges or fees

•    provide a copy of the full contract if asked for it

•    take all reasonable steps to inform about other available contracts and how information on these can be obtained

•    take all reasonable steps to ensure that the terms of its deemed contract are not unduly onerous

However, what is considered ‘reasonable’ and ‘unduly onerous’ are open to debate and it is one which a Lawgistics client is currently having with a particular supplier following a move to another premises.  Don’t get caught out if you move. 

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Authors: Polly Davies

Published: 08 Jul 2019


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