No More Compensation For Whiplash Claims?

It would appear that the motor insurance industry will attempt to kick start a public debate on whether it is prudent for insurers to remove giving direct compensation for low value personal injury claims such as whiplash.  The alternative would be to pay for the treatment only.

I once drove my car into the back of another car, at the grand old speed of about 10 mph. I found out later that the driver had been paid £3000 in compensation for whiplash.  All I would say is that I hope he never goes on the dodgems in the fairground.

If the cost of our motor insurance premiums go down as a consequence of a reduction in all the fraudulent whiplash claims then I think every genuine driver will celebrate.  Question is, will they reduce when the false claims do?

As and when developments take shape, we will update further.

Published: 01 Apr 2014


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