Juries – Do they have a clue?

In light of the recent Vicky Pryce Trail, whereby Mr Justice Sweeney felt it appropriate to disband the jury on the basis of incompetence, we ask, what does this mean for the future of a Jury?

The Jury were unable to reach a decision after over 13 hours deliberation over a fairly simple legal issue, who then felt the need to ask further questions of the judge some of which showed a failure to understand basic information that was presented to them during the trial.

The matter has come to light as this was a high profile case, however it is worrisome that issues like these may have been dormant in juries for some time.

Is this a call to re-evaluate the current Jury system?

Should tests be put in place to test for Jury competency?

Such questions are now being asked, hopefully with some result. Juries deal with cases which can decide the outcome of someone’s entire life, and as such reform is now necessary in light of the above case.

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Do you feel safe that if you are in a court room the 12 persons sat before you will make a fair, concise and well thought out decision?

Published: 04 Mar 2013


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