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Company name: Connected Car Finance
Sector: Finance
Description: Connected is a car finance company that works with used car dealerships, helping them provide a better customer experience while simultaneously increasing sales using innovative technology, multi-tiered product ranges and expertise.

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Connected exists to ensure that all used car dealerships have access to cutting-edge technology and expert knowledge in order to provide their customers with a positive car financing experience.

By taking the connected approach to car finance your dealership will find it easier to present finance solutions to your customers with a greater chance of sales conversion. As we continue to support your dealership, we will be able to provide you with more flexibility and transparency in terms of how involved you want to be.

We are passionate about supporting businesses through our fast and efficient technology and are delighted with the results.

  • 90% of dealerships have rated our service as being 10/10 on their deals.
  • 86% of proposals were ‘soft searched’ within 60 seconds of receipt.
  • 92% of customers were eligible to e-sign finance documents straight from the comfort of their own home.

We want dealerships to know that we have the support of the major names that have complete confidence in our service simply due to the fact that our technology works and our concept is simple and clear. For years, used dealerships have been regarded as trustworthy and dependable members of the community, and you can count on us to help you maintain that status while watching your business thrive.

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