Test Drives – don’t assume the person is qualified to drive!

The most important check which may be taken for granted, is checking the person can actually drive!

Not only does a driving licence provide clarification on the ability to drive but it also provides another form of identification. There’s no reason why you cannot request to see two forms of ID, a utility bill could be suffice and ensure photocopies are taken.

Whilst you may want to trust the person and cut corners for ease and time, if the test drive ends up disastrous (the vehicle being a write off) you need to ensure sufficient checks were carried out beforehand. You should always ensure some form of documentation or paperwork is understood and signed by the person intending to carry out the test drive.

The documentation needs to address the key points being the driver is liable for any damage that may be caused during the test drive or any tickets that may be incurred such as speeding tickets.

It’s worth ensuring you have sufficient insurance in place, phone your provider to ensure you have covered yourself in the event you may seek to make a claim. It’s also worth putting in the time to ensure the driver knows how to operate of the vehicle and also accompany them on the test drive itself.
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Authors: Roxanne Bradley

Published: 22 Mar 2019


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