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DMS Navigator making your Dealership more Efficient and Profitable.

Providing that 5 Star experience to both your customers and your team

Franchised Dealerships, Independents, Car Supermarkets use DMS Navigator to help run their businesses more efficiently and profitably.

Navigator helps them to control their core business processes, such as; Lead Management, CRM, Sales Order Processing, Workshop loading, Invoicing, Stock Control, Accounting and Marketing across all areas of your business.

Our customers use DMS Navigator in all aspects of their business; Vehicle Sales, Workshop, Bodyshop, Parts, Daily Rental, Marketing, Accounts and Management Reporting

With DMS Navigator, dealers will easily be able to integrate their online presence with their in-house, creating a true omni-channel experience.

This is achieved by features such as

  • automagically advertising your stock online on platforms such as Autotrader
  • capturing all leads from your web site, third parties, email and distributing automatically to your sales team whilst giving you a complete 360 overview
  • Sell Online, taking online payments and automatically processing within accounts
  • Online service bookings directly into your workshop diary that is configurable

Navigator helps you to work with other supplier partners in an integrated, seamless way, such as

  • Automatically interfacing with reviews suppliers, Judge Service or Trust Pilot to request ratings whenever a transaction takes place
  • Integrating Part Exchange valuations using suppliers such as CAP
  • Integrating Provenance checks from suppliers such as Motorcheck
  • Working with FCA partners such as Automotive Compliance to seamlessly build FCA compliance into your sales processes.
  • And lots more!

In short, Navigator users utilise Navigator to support and simplify all business processes so that they become simpler, more cohesive, easier to use, enabling you to deliver a true 5* experience

We know though, that Navigator isn’t a solution for everyone.  It may well be that your existing solution works perfectly well for you – but, maybe it doesn’t. Maybe you’re not sure!

We understand that you won’t want to be hounded by a sales team wanting to make that next sale.   

You’ll be delighted to know we genuinely do not work that way!

You can browse our web site, see the product, watch videos, read articles that answer pretty much all the questions that you might have – and maybe a few you hadn’t thought of!

We believe only then, when you are in a position really wanting to find out how Navigator can help you should speak with our team.

We appreciate an abundance of time you may not have, so we’ll spend about 20/30 minutes with you establishing your requirements for both now and in the foreseeable future and tell you more about us.

Only then if both of us  feel we are going to be a good fit will we move forward with a demonstration, if not then no problems, maybe we will catch up again in future!

So, maybe it’s time to take a peek.   Just visit our web site.

Or Book a Discovery call online… when you’re ready.

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