VW emissions legal action

American law firm, Saunders, Phillips Grossman have set up an office in Liverpool from which they will sue Volkswagen for the sale of UK vehicles fitted with emissions cheating software.
Although Volkswagen have fixed 860,000 UK cars, they have not paid out any compensation to UK owners.  US drivers were awarded compensation as well as a repair; the compensation being on average between $5000 - $10,000.

Saunders, Phillips Grossman will act on behalf of the British purchasers of VW’s fitted with the software, and although both the software, the vehicles and the emissions rules differ in the US they intend to bring a US approach to UK litigation using their considerable experience in the US of suing VW and by bringing a ‘helping hand’ to their UK partners.  

Glen Phillips of the firm completely disagrees with VW’s position that vehicle performance wasn’t damaged and vehicle value has not dropped.  He claims that the VW brand has been tarnished, the cars are less efficient, and that their value has certainly dropped.  He says VW knowingly allowed cars to put out emissions at 6x above the emissions standards and that such bad corporate behaviour which he estimates has affected at least a million UK consumers must be accounted for.  UK consumers must have their day in court……


Authors: Polly Davies

Published: 21 Sep 2018


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