Nick Horton

Sales Trainer/Keynote Speaker

Nick “Profit Box” Horton

Nick equips business owners and directors with an external view that creates more focus, more sales and more profit fast.


Legal Know How

Founder of Profit Box - Leaders are craving a way to develop talent in order to deliver an improved business performance. As a sales and customer experience trainer, Nick works with business professionals to support them with: 1. Developing sales process philosophy and content in order to improve sales team effectiveness and results. Through a buyer-centric lens, I design content that leads buyers to your solution. The objective is to deliver exponential business growth by improving sales volume and profitability. 2. Enabling multi-channel sales process competency. In many organisations, sales personnel need to be competent with face to face, telephone, digital, virtual and video sales skills. I curate and originate the required learning interventions and then work with sales teams to improve their skills in each channel. 3. Creating and implementing customer experience programmes that encourage a customer centric culture. Underpinned by core values, the programme distinguishes your business and your customer interactions. Ultimately, your business will be equipped with the specific tools and knowledge to stand out in an increasingly competitive crowd.

Time with Lawgistics

Nick has been associated with Lawgistics since 2008.

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