Airbag woes!

It has been announced that Honda and Daihatsu are recalling some five million cars globally to replace potentially deadly airbag inflators made by Takata.

The latest recalls come just days after rivals Toyota and Nissan said they would be recalling 6.5 million vehicles over the same issue.

To date, six deaths have been linked to the faulty airbags and all were fitted to Honda’s, mainly in the US.

Daihatsu, meanwhile, said it would recall the Mira minicar.

Other than Honda, all other carmakers said the recalls were precautionary and no accidents or injuries had been reported.

Investigations have shown that Takata airbag inflators were not properly sealed and could be damaged by moisture. It is alleged that the airbags can burst under pressure, spraying shrapnel inside the car.

The latest announcements bring the total number of cars recalled because of Takata's airbags to about 36 million since 2008.

The car equipment maker faces multiple class action lawsuits and criminal and regulatory investigations in the US.

Retailers and owners of most Japanese cars, notably Honda, Toyota, Nissan and Daihatsu, should contact the respective vehicle manufacturer for guidance.

Authors: Howard Tilney

Published: 27 May 2015


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