How do I make a claim for pothole damage?

Many years of under investment by the Government has left roads in the UK in an appalling state of repair leading to a steep rise in damage to vehicles as a result. Drivers now face an annual bill for pothole repairs of £52 million!

Claiming from the local authority or highways agency for damage caused to your vehicle is straightforward if you gather the right evidence.

As soon as it is safe to do so make a note of the precise location of the pothole. Take a photograph of car and measure the pothole. Remember to note the time and date of the incident. If there are any witnesses, take their details too. Then take your vehicle to a garage to obtain a report on the damage.    

You then need to work out who is responsible for maintaining the road. Look to the Highways Agency for motorways and major A-roads and the local authority for most other roads. Make contact with the correct organisation as soon as possible by telephone but keep a note of the date, time and person you spoke with.

Once you have a garage report on the damage and a quote for the repairs make a formal complaint by letter or email with copies of your supporting evidence. A sketch plan of the area might also be helpful.

If a pothole has already been reported and the organisation has failed to act then your claim will stand a much greater chance of success. It is also possible to ‘Report a Pothole’ to the appropriate organisation via  


Authors: Howard Tilney

Published: 12 May 2015


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