Good riddance to the tax disc!

I hate the tax disc.  I’m glad it’s going.  I’ve never managed to remove it from its perforation without putting at least a 2 inch tear right through the day, month or year of renewal.

Interestingly, you will be able to pay for the new taxation by monthly direct debit at a 5% extra cost.

One assumes therefore that you will need to enter into a credit agreement, which will then show up on your credit files.  So, does this means that you cannot do it that way if the DVLA deems you to be too much of a credit risk? 

We’ll see. 

Good news also for ‘velogolists’ (collectors of expired tax discs).  The rarity of discs will obviously increase, so check your glove box now!  Apparently the world record was the sale of a very rare March 29123 tax disc for £651.90!  (source

Published: 09 Dec 2013


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