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Company name: WeRecruit Auto Ltd
Sector: Recruitment
Description: We can help source you experienced industry professionals as well as newbies to the trade, finding those with the relevant transferrable skills and interests, and a desire to build a career specifically within the Automotive Industry.

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We set up WeRecruit Auto in November 2019, after several years’ previous experience working together recruiting for the Automotive sector. We created WeRecruit Auto to continue building the best relationships with our Clients, challenging ourselves to recruit for new Companies and different areas of the Motor Industry, to help Candidate’s find the job they love – but also to provide a flexible and balanced work environment. We strive to be here for you when you need us, and will work tirelessly to effectively fill vacancies, but also recognise the importance of life outside work, time with friends and family.

It’s probably important to address the elephant in the room when it comes to recruitment agencies. We don’t even get offended when we hear the words “I hate recruitment agencies!” – in fact quite the opposite; if you’ll give us an opportunity, we can’t wait to show you we’re the exception. Work with us and we’ll show you that we’re not a typical agency, we’re just people who care and want to do the very best job; it’s the relationships formed between us and our Clients and Candidates which mean everything to us. We don’t set targets based on CVs sent or anything like that – our one simple aim is to fill the vacancies and ensure we have satisfied Clients and Candidates. We’re happy to discuss our honest opinion on the applicants, the job market, working environments, hybrid-working, hours, salary benchmarking or anything else.

Our team is made up of Sharron Spall, Mary Thompson and Hollie Lambert. Sharron is from Hertfordshire originally and has traditionally done a lot of recruitment in the London, Herts, Bucks, Beds area. Mary is from the West Midlands and has primarily recruited for the Midlands and North. Hollie is from Norfolk and has traditionally recruited in Yorkshire and Lincolnshire, as well as the North West. We work closely as a team now and between us will recruit all over the UK, sharing our knowledge and experience and continuing to learn from each other every day.

As individuals, we get on well inside and outside of work. Our skills and personalities complement each other very well – one’s weakness is supported by another’s strength. Most importantly, even after several years recruiting for the Motor Industry – we still have heaps of passion for the Motor Trade and recruiting talent within it.

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