Beware of cheap imitations

Lawgistics has been in existence now for 18 years. In that time, we have seen both our client base and reputation grow. We have striven to always provide what our clients need whilst providing value for money. 

In a competitive world, there is no room for complacency. It is important to us to seek ways to improve our services to the industry, providing honest, well-researched advice and back-up assistance.

Naturally, it follows that sometimes others look at what we do and think they can do it better. While we welcome healthy competition, we cannot take seriously anyone who seeks to enter the market by simply copying all we do in order to peddle it as their own work.

Legal Solutions 4 U (run by Malcolm Graham) do this – they have admitted doing so in writing but have refused to apologise for their acts of plagiarism.

Fig. 1 - Copy of letter received from Legal Solutions 4 U confirming article will be removed


If you use Lawgistics or any other firm, you might wish to consider whether the advice or documentation you receive from them is genuine, honest, tailored to your needs or merely repackaged by those unwilling, or worse, unable to think for themselves.

Copying the work of others is an act of laziness. We know the only way to provide the high quality we offer is through hard work and an innovative approach.

Fig. 2 - Copy of Legal Solutions 4 U article published April 2019 with the exact wording highlighted from an article Lawgistics wrote in May 2017


Fig. 3 - Copy of Lawgistics original article written in May 2017 

Plagiarism maybe be seen as flattering – but flattery will get them nowhere.



Published: 09 Jun 2019


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