Another Vauxhall model faces allegations that it spontaneously self combusts here is some advice should traders find these vehicles on their forecourts. This URL will take you to the What Car article that will tell you the models involved. But if in doubt follow the advice from Philip below.

All owners or sellers of this car should in the first instance call the Vauxhall dealership nearest to them and quote their chassis number, asking the question “Is this car affected by the recall and when will you issue me with a recall letter?” A further question might ask “Should I stop using the car until rectified?”

They should make a note of the date and time of the call and write down the name of the person to whom they spoke alongside the answer they gave.

Owners and sellers should follow this up with a letter and same email stating that in view of the potential danger, you may consider laying the car up until advised otherwise.

Without a quick decision by Vauxhall, private owners might threaten that a claim for loss of use may follow.


Authors: Philip Strickland

Published: 08 Dec 2016


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