Test Drives

In order to meet the statutory requirements and liabilities arising from a test drive the following procedures shall be followed on all occasions:

a) All employees will provide a copy of their current driving licence to the Directors, Partners or Proprietor and notify them immediately of any material change and in particular any endorsements received.

b) A test drive certificate shall be completed by the person accompanying the customer on a test drive and will be signed both by the salesman and the customer.

c) The customer must be asked for his driving licence and if he is unable to produce it then must certify that it is full, current and covers the category of the vehicle he wishes to test drive.

d) If any answer to the questions in the test drive form is NO or the customer is under 18 then reference must be made to the manager who will decide on the suitability of a test drive.

e) ALL test drives must be accompanied by a salesman and will be along a predetermined route.

f) All records shall be kept on file for 3 years.