Lawgistics ANNUAL membership – or pay up to £850 an HOUR instead?

The Independent ran an interesting report recently, which stated that partners at law firms are now charging clients up to an amazing £850 an hour! They report that even newly qualified lawyers are charging up to £425 an hour.  Just 10 years ago it was “only” £185.

Now, when you think that a Lawgistics “small business” ANNUAL membership ranges from between £495 to £595 (+ VAT)  this value for money is clear for all to see.  Such a membership gives you unlimited use of our telephone legal advice, a casework service and many more benefits.
Why pay more for just one hour of legal advice and assistance elsewhere than you could for one year’s worth of Lawgistics advice?  

The definition of “no-brainer” represents the reason why you should join us.

Published: 09 Dec 2013


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