Lawgistics Envelope in Court to Save the Day!

One of our clients was expecting to receive County Court papers but they were seemingly not forthcoming.  Eventually they were received but not by the client but here at Lawgistics.  Presumably the Claimant thought he should have them served here because of the ongoing communications we had been conducting with him on behalf of our client.

However, the writer's jaw fell to the floor when he realised that the deadline for responding had already passed and that Judgment in Default of that (lack of) response was being applied for as the papers were being read here for the first time.  Luckily, we had retained the envelope and noticed that it was franked a week after the response deadline!  

But we had to act quickly nevertheless.  To cut a long story short we managed to get a scan of the envelope before a District Judge within 48 hours.  The deadlines were extended and our client was no longer at risk of having a judgment against him without having had the opportunity to defend his position.

The moral of this story is:
1. Make sure you send the correct papers to the Court place at the right time.
2. Make sure Lawgistics have seen them first to ensure there are no errors.

Published: 13 Sep 2013


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