You might think you are just helping but beware

A surprising number of cases pop up on our desks as a result of the business trying to be helpful then ending up facing a legal claim.  It is sad but true.  The answer is to step back and give it a bit of extra thought.  
Some repairs are very simply and are not risky.  However, be careful when you start to change more major components – unless you make it clear before starting the job that you are doing it ‘without admission of liability’ then the Courts may see it that you are admitting liability. You agree to swap an alternator but they you find it takes eight weeks to find one because it’s a little bit of a rare item. You’ve agreed to do the job, you’ve admitted liability, you become liable to put the customer into a loan car for eight weeks!!
See how easy that friendly gesture can turn into a nightmare.  
If you’ve got yourself in a tangle then call our helpline and get the client advice quickly. Better still ring before you get involved.

Published: 14 May 2012


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