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Company name: Profit Box
Sector: Marketing
Description: Training seminars, virtual training and keynotes to empower your people to deliver sustainable business growth.

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Trusted by highly respected retailers, including Parkway Volkswagen, Holdcroft Group, Available Car, Burrows Motor Company, Vantage Motor Group, Simpsons SKODA and Wilson and Co Vauxhall, Profit Box develop results by developing talent.

As we work with business owners, leaders and senior executives who are facing overwhelming pressure to improve results, what we consistently see is they are great at the strategy and communication, however, don’t have the resource and tools to develop talent at an accelerated pace.

What most people don’t know is that talent development doesn’t have to be complicated, high risk or expensive. Once they integrate key development stages, the results can be remarkable.

What you are going to get is hi-impact learning interventions that deliver improved and sustainable results which generate a meaningful return on investment.

Empower your team. Lead your industry. We’re your strategic learning partner, driving performance by moving skills forward.

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