MASSIVE increase in County Court claim fees on the horizon!

Certainly for those claims that are between £5,000 and £10,000 which applies to most of the Claims that we see.

The current fee to issue a claim for an amount between £5k and £10k is £245.  It is due to rise to £445 (£410 if issued via Money Claim Online)!  No, these are not mis-prints!  The increase in issue fees is some 80%.

Additionally, any Applications to the Court to Set Aside Default Judgments (which we do regularly) and will rise from £80 to £155!

The new fees were implemented on 22nd April. 

Remember – court fees are payable by the party that loses in court.  Bringing or defending any county court claim without expert help from Lawgistics is probably not a risk that is now worth taking.  Join us now by calling us on 01480 455500.

Published: 17 Apr 2014


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