21st January 2014 – a bad day for Cockney Car Clocker(s)?

This is the day that Trading Standards, the Metropolitan Police and Transport for London officers came a knocking for those thought to be a clocking!

As a consequence of some raids in the capital, one person was arrested and one business was suspended from its business activity.  The press release did not say whether they were connected.  The mileages of approximately 200 cars are being examined.

Now, we at Lawgistics in no way condone the illegal turning back of the mileage on any vehicle for reasons too obvious to mention.  What caught my sceptical eye though was Consumer minister Jenny Willott describing it as a “shocking example of the type of criminal activity Trading Standards and Scambusters encounter day in, day out”.  Surely that is something of a contradiction?  For if anything is encountered “day in, day out” by a large(ish) profession such as Trading Standards then I would argue that it can hardly be described as anything close to “shocking”.  After all, car clocking is an activity that’s been going on for years and every car owner (potential or actual) knows that it does – they just hope that they are sufficiently diligent not to be driving one.

And on that note, another public figure went on to say “Car clocking can be very difficult for members of the public to spot”.  So, the advice given to those members of the public who are intending to buy a car, included - “look at abnormal levels of wear and tear around the seat and steering wheel”.  Where would we all be without such wise words?!

Published: 03 Feb 2014


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