Article on Cam-Belt Breaks all Records Known to Man (maybe not) and results in “unwanted” honour...

Clearly the first bit is somewhat exaggerated/an outright lie although I guess it might have broken one record if there was a category of “most call-back requests that can be placed on one desk in any 5 day period”.  And as for the “unwanted” honour well I guess that might just be the highest weekly phone bill we’ve ever had here at Lawgistics.

On a serious note though, it was really great to speak to so many of our clients around the UK on what was obviously a thought provoking article.  Many passionate views were aired but it was clear that we will have to give serious thought as to how we advise on the thorny issue of if and when to replace a cam-belt pre-sale. Especially when it is recommended by the seller yet declined by the buyer and/or where the cost is disproportionate to the price of a particularly low cost car.  

Not that we expect the interest to die down for long.  We’ve put forward the story for likely publication in a national motoring magazine and so I suspect the phones may be quite warm for some time to come yet.  Which reminds me – where has my Annual Leave card gone?  Oh, there it is – “3 months please”.......

Published: 28 May 2013


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