New Year Tip – Don’t sell cars over the phone with a credit card!

Increasingly criminals (who to you and me seem genuine Joe Public) are still conning car dealers into parting with a car on the basis of credit card details of someone they have stole from or cloned the card.

DO NOT accept card details over the phone without checking to every possible level, that the person who claims to be buying the car is the person you are dealing with.

Frequently, the buyer will draw you into a net whereby you become caught in a little story.  Often, the buyer won’t turn up to collect the car but will send his son, daughter, uncle, friend etc and then complete the transaction over the phone.  Alternatively they will get you to deliver the car to an address which of course will not be the card holder’s address but you will not know this.

Be extra savvy – this fraud will increase!

Published: 22 Jan 2013


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