Itís a slippery slope Ė on ice and leaves

This time of year there are two main hazards which can lead to employees slipping over outside your premises.  The two are ice and fallen leaves.  
HSE guidance recommend a number of ways to avoid problems. These include:

All of the routes used should have adequate lighting.  This is more of a hazard now that the clocks have changed.

Wet and decaying leaves
Thereís no alternative but to regularly clean these up unless, of course, you get rid of problem bushes and trees by removal.

Wet surfaces  
It goes without saying that regular routes for employees and customers must be slip resistant when wet.  Some people will always try to short cut across slippery muddy ground and so some fencing to discourage this is a good idea.  Itís not uncommon for customers to slip on showroom floors when its wet outside.  Ensure you have good absorbent mats to take the first step inside.

Ice, frost, snow
Many of the same principles as for wet surfaces apply.  However, it is important to use grit BEFORE the ice and snow appear for it to be effective.

Published: 12 Nov 2012


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