The Green Deal - Are you as green as you think...

This article is not directly addressed to the Motor trade but, as we deal with a lot of peripheral business/consumer problems for clients it seems worthwhile spreading the word on this one.  
In the months ahead there will be an estimated 26 million UK households approached to sign up to the government Green Deal agreement.  

The private sector has an estimated £7 billion to earn from this initiative. Inevitably some businesses will not be whiter than white when promoting the scheme and will get one over some ‘green’ consumers.  Double glazing, energy companies etc – does that sound familiar?  

If you are approached then be curious and sceptical.  
If improvements are suggested you can go to different Green Deal providers.

Payment for the work will go back to the provider via the electricity supplier.  
If you have problems Trading Standards have acknowledged they may arise so don’t be afraid to use them to check out the claims.

Published: 05 Mar 2012


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