The Motor Industry and Legal Services Act

This act will came into force from October 2011 and will change the way in which legal advice is available to the public. This nicknamed ‘Tesco Law’ means that ordinary business models such as banks. Limited companies and supermarkets will be able to further branch out into the supply of legal services.

This will not be an instant change; applicants will still have to await approval and licensing from the Solicitors Regulations Society, which they estimate they will begin to process by the end of the year.

This may change the way in which legal services are provided, but we warn our clients that change is not always for the better. It is feared that these new franchise’s will be nothing more than over regulated mass production houses, designed to regurgitate the same material time and time again  without expertise, and to continue to look for quality in any legal service provider and not just those who strike the best deal.  Once the act begins to take affect we will be able to measure its overall standing in the legal market. 

Published: 10 Oct 2011


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