COVID-19: The underlying symptom that no-one told you about…

That symptom being the urge or compulsion to want to reject a car for the most fanciful of reasons!

Of course, we make the statement with tongue firmly implanted in cheek. However, the reality is that – as we predicted at the very outset – the change of circumstances brought about by Covid-19 is making people seriously re-consider all of their expenditure and the importance of that car of theirs on the driveway, with a detrimental outcome to come to the dealer who sold it to them.

For whilst we accept that Covid-19 will result in people having to sell possessions in order to downsize or to not replace at all, we are starting to find – as the government would say – a “spike” in the number of cases being received from consumers seeking rejection of their car, or demanding some alternative form of compensation, from the dealer.  We believe that the increasing number of “optimistic”, “frivolous” or utterly ridiculous reasons being given now, are actually from desperate consumers who simply need the cash consequent of Coronavirus.  Rather than sell their asset at a knockdown price, they demand full whack from the unsuspecting dealer, no matter how nonsensical their reasons for demanding the same actually are.

That said, we’re not convinced that many “reasons” can trump this one.  Buys car and after 2.5 years and 35,000 miles, the consumer wants over £500 because the chrome trim around one headlight has become faded!  That is going to court.  If the consumer wins her claim in full in court, the writer will walk naked (bar some boxer shorts) down the High Street outside of the Lawgistics offices.  Subject that is, to any Public Order offences that he may be committing in the process!

If you are the “victim” of someone “trying it on” – call Lawgistics and let us help you defend yourselves.


Authors: Jason Williams

Published: 25 May 2020


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