COVID-19: Civil Courts Update

In accordance with the very latest HMCTS Guidance (25 March 2020) courts are now required to:
  • Suspend new trials;
  • Avoid physical hearings, wherever possible;
  • Introduce social distancing measures, where physical attendance is necessary;
  • Arrange remote hearings by telephone or video conferencing, wherever possible;
  • Prioritise work and deliver essential services.
We are finding that some hearings are now being vacated at this time, whereas some proceed remotely.

We are able to arrange remote hearings, to include suitable representation, as required.
That said, if you have a hearing already listed then you MUST assume it remains in the list and will proceed, unless you receive specific notice from the Court to the contrary.

If in doubt, you MUST speak with the Court concerned to check the listing or speak with us and we shall be pleased to assist.

Otherwise, it would seem that virtually all civil court matters are now being adjourned or dealt with remotely, and this is likely to continue as the new norm for the foreseeable future. 

Here at Lawgistics, we keep across all the very latest developments, so we can keep you informed.

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Authors: Howard Tilney

Published: 26 Mar 2020


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