Chargeback Shenanigans

One of the writer’s biggest annoyances is the attitude of so called “merchant providers”.  The ones that decide whether to deduct funds from a car dealer’s account for any Chargeback request made by a consumer.  They often use flawed legal understanding or simply ignore any “defence”  put to them - or the consumer’s card company direct.  For the sake of equality, we find that the consumer’s card issuer is often equally as useless in understanding the law and appear to be the consumer’s friend more often than we feel they ought to.  This can lead to our clients seeing the price of the car disappearing out of their account AND the consumer not returning a car.

One of our clients is fighting back!  They have issued legal proceedings against the consumer, against his card supplier and against their own merchant provider.

We will let you know how they get on...

For advice on chargeback or section 75 refunds and other legal matters, Lawgistics Members can contact the legal team on 01480 455500.

Authors: Jason Williams

Published: 31 May 2019


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