The Motor Ombudsman

We recently had a case that was referred for determination by the Motor Ombudsman.  We had their decision.  A completely shoddy determination based on a woeful lack of knowledge of basic consumer and trading standards law.  They found largely in favour of the consumer.

The author went to great lengths to point out to the Motor Ombudsman all of their errors of fact and of law and the perversity of their ludicrous conclusion.  In fairness, they took on board what we had to say and completely changed their minds – finding now entirely in favour of our client.

The aggrieved consumer took the case to court.  He relied on the first decision of the Motor Ombudsman.  He also relied on his belief that because its members pay for membership, that the Ombudsman was automatically bias towards them and against consumers.  This was not a submission that we agreed with.

In court, the claimant’s case was completely dismissed following the rationale we had put forward from the very outset.  It could be said that by their messing up the case initially, it resulted in the Claimant wasting his time and court fees, our client having to attend court and pay for representation and our time in having to educate the Motor Ombudsman on what the law actually states and what it actually allows and what it does not.  Rant over. Justice done – but only just!

If you are unhappy with a decision made by the Motor Ombudsman, Lawgistics Members can get advice from the legal team.


Authors: Jason Williams

Published: 10 Mar 2019


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