Explosive stuff

Workshops contain a number of flammable materials but if you store fuel on your premises as well, this is also a risk. So when an employee causes an explosion or an accident which has created a dangerous situation on the premises it needs to be dealt with appropriately.  

First, depending on the severity of the situation, put the employee in question on suspension with full pay. You should send them home and if the letter is not available at the time, a follow on letter explaining they and on suspension with full pay whilst an investigation is carried out.

Next you need to investigate. Remember to check if the employee is trained in handling the equipment/materials. Take witness statements from other members of staff and also review their personnel record to clarify if they have been involved in an incident previously.

Once you have a clear understanding of what has happened, you will then be able to proceed, send a letter to the employee in question requesting them to attend a disciplinary meeting and this should be carried out in accordance to the ACAS guidelines.

Again, depending on the severity of the situation, the level of warning given to the employee will be based upon the facts of the case.

As an employer, you are vicariously liable for any harm caused to employees or the public by your members of staff.

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Authors: Roxanne Bradley

Published: 21 Jun 2017


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