Health and Safety

If you have more than four employees then you must have a Health & Safety Policy.
This Policy provides (1) evidence of the Company’s commitment to Health & Safety in the form of a policy statement (2) an outline of the responsibilities of individuals within the organisation and (3) the practical arrangements for implementing this policy.

You must also carry out Risk Assessments on all equipment processes and procedures together with the environment in which they are carried out. On completion any steps required to eliminate or reduce the risk must be undertaken and records kept. A COSHH Assessment is also required on all substances and their use where they have the potential to cause harm and records kept.

Systems and Procedures must be put into place to investigate, evaluate, report, record and reduce the possibility of any accident, injury, dangerous occurrence or disease within the workplace.
Signs and Instructions must be provided to assist in the objectives.
Training must be given in the safe use and maintenance of equipment, procedures, including manual handling and other work practices and a record of the training kept.
Personal Protective Equipment must be provided and instructions given as to its use.
Fire Safety Inspection and a Fire Risk Assessment must be carried out and a record kept. Following from that assessment procedures and systems must be implemented and maintained to reduce the risk and provide a safe working environment.

It is essential that all procedures, assessments, systems, training and instructions are clearly recorded and have been communicated to all staff and people who they affect.
The building, its structure and content needs to be inspected to ensure its continued safety and any repairs or alterations required must be carried out effectively.