Ian Gardner

Sales Manager

An early background in sales, working for Alcatel Telecoms Scotland. A return South to work in telemarketing/sales as part of and leading small teams working on targeted projects for many blue chip companies. Ian moved into retail as owner of his own business after the birth of his third child. Ten years on and Ian returns to sales as Sales Manager for Lawgistics.

As well as driving forward our sales and marketing campaigns, and managing much of our social media output. He also edits the material in our fortnightly legal updates. Working closely on the development of new products and services means it’s not all about the numbers for our sales chief.

Bringer of banter he relishes in winding up his colleagues in the legal department ‘they deserve it…’ Ian says ‘I have a great product and a great team around me, our legal team know their stuff inside out and I believe wholeheartedly in what we do and the benefits our services bring to our members.’

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