Sick pay reminder

It appears to be the time of year when employees start having all wonder of mysterious bugs, flu and illnesses meaning sporadic days off work. Here's a quick reminder as to the rules and regulations regarding sick pay in these situations.

1.    Make sure your employees know what your expectations are in relation to reporting sickness. If this procedure isn't adhered to this could be a disciplinary issue.

2.    You have to pay your employee statutory sick pay, not the government. Due to rule changes that came into place on 6th April 2014, you can no longer reclaim sick pay payments from the Government.  

3.    Statutory sick pay doesn't become payable until the 4th consecutive day of sickness. The first three days are known as 'waiting days'.

4.    Employees can self certificate for the first 7 says of sickness. After this they will have to produce a valid certificate from the doctor to continue being paid.

5.    Statutory sick has just been increased to £87.00 per week. This can be divided by 5 to obtain a daily figure if required.  

Published: 17 Apr 2014


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