PPI Complaints - What’s happening?

We have dealt with many PPI customer complaints on behalf of clients. In the latest Financial Ombudsman News it is stated they have received over half a million PPI complaints during the last year and are still receiving over 1000 PPI complaints EACH DAY! They have had to virtually double the number of case handlers. 

Some good news for clients is that businesses are now not charged for the first three cases and it is anticipated this will be increased to 25 from April 2013.  For consumers, of course, the whole process is free if they do it themselves and so there is no reason not to pass it to the Financial Ombudsman Service. 

We have seen how such ‘free’ or low cost services have ballooned in the past – Small Claims Court, Employment Tribunals etc.  however, in both cases fees have been introduced to slow the tide down.

Published: 04 Jan 2013


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