Bio-fuel - Chipping In

A recent query about the premature failure of a diesel injector pump highlighted the growing problem of drivers looking for cheaper fuels to offset the rising costs at the pumps.  In the particular case a supplier sold a reconditioned pump to be fitted to a customerís vehicle and in a very short space of time it failed.  

It was established that the fuel being used by the customer was diesel mixed with over 13% Bio-diesel and containing impurities which may well have been recycled chip frying oil.  

Diesel from the retail pump will generally have been 5% and 7% FAME (fatty and methyl esters) which is the technical terms for the Bio-fuel content.  

Injector fuel pumps are only designed for use of up to 7% FAME.  When drivers begin to add levels of FAME above 7% then the pumps will prematurely deteriorate.  

Car retailers should be aware of this problem since pump failure may well not be a symptom of a lack of satisfactory quality in the car sold.

Published: 25 Oct 2012


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