When is a Speed Six Bentley not a Speed Six Bentley?

In a recent case a buyer of a car described as a 1930 Speed Six Bentley pursued a case for breach of contract when it was discovered the vehicle had had many components changed, including the engine since new.  The buyer won the first round but on appeal it was overturned.  
The Buyer bought the vehicle for 425,000 and claimed 90,000 compensation when the facts were established.  However, on appeal it was overturned and the seller later commented that as an 80 year old car, at some stage everything has to be replaced.  Interestingly also, he repurchased the Bentley, did some further restoration work and resold it for 675,000!!  

(For anyone who wishes to read the Judgement it is Mercedes Travis Brewer v Stanley Mann et al 2012).

Published: 03 Sep 2012


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