Employment Tribunal Fees Announced:

It has now been released as to what fees Claimants will have to pay to issue an Employment Tribunal Claim. The fees will be implemented from Summer 2013.
Level 1: Mainly covering small monitory claims such as deduction from wages, holiday pay, notice pay, no section 1 statement etc. This will attract an issue fee of 160 and a hearing fee of 230.

Level 2: Covers most other larger scale claims, such as discrimination, and dismissal claims. This will attract a 250 issue fee and a 950 hearing fee.

Like the civil court system fees will also be introduced to implement or request certain actions, for example:

Review Default Judgment
Application to dismiss following settlement
Mediation by the judiciary
Application for review

Again this will attract different fees dependent on the level of the claim issued.

A more definitive structure should be released prior to implementation in 2013.

Published: 20 Jul 2012


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