Soon be time to go topless! Topless tip!

Although the weather isn't very summery at the moment it wont be long before the sun is out and the sun seekers look for the convertibles to ride around in.  
A recent case led to an idea to help you with selling these cars.  The issue was a customer complaining that the sun roof had stopped working and was seeking a repair from the dealer.  The problem was that because the roof had not been operated and the car had not been properly maintained, rain water had collected due to drain holes becoming blocked and this in turn had messed up the electrics.  
If you sense there is a requirement for drivers to operate and/or maintain the vehicles in a particular way then by all means get a note typed out before they buy the car which they can sign to confirm they are aware of it.  Sometimes these aspects can be covered in the handbook but for belt and braces, give the customer the extra sheet and make a note on the invoice that it was given with a copy stapled to it for your records.  
The same principal applies to other particular features.  So, for instance, make it clear to buyers of diesel cars that they need to do some faster driving to burn off the carbon in the diesel particulate filter.  None of these ideas will take away Sale of Goods rights if there is a genuine defect but if it is just operator negligence/error then it can be very helpful.

Published: 30 Apr 2012


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