London Olympics Brand Protection

We have received enquiries from clients regarding the use of words and images connected with the upcoming Olympics events.

A complete guide is available online at

The guide has a useful flowchart which takes you through the decisions you are making when considering whether you are breaking the law or not.

The main question is whether you are using a ‘controlled representation’.  These are defined as the Olympic Symbol (5 rings), the Olympic Motto (Citius Altus Fortius/Faster, Higher, Stronger) or the words Olympic and derivatives, or anything similar to them/translations of them and the equivalent Paralympics Symbol and derivatives.

Effectively, if you are using any of the above in seeking to market your products then you will be breaking the law which could lead to a criminal prosecution as well as a civil claim including injunctions, damages, delivering up of infringing goods, and account of profits.

If clients have any queries then please feel free to let us check your material.

Published: 06 Jan 2012


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