Fees for employment Tribunals?

As discussed throughout 2011, the government have now issued two proposals as to the fee structure that will be introduced to employment tribunals from next year. Consultation will take place between now and March 2012, upon which a formal structure will be reached and implemented from 2013.

 Proposal 1; an issue fee is paid by the Claimant of between 150 and 250 , with an additional fee of between 250 and 1250  to be issued when a hearing date is issued. Much the same as the current county court structure. No maximum award would be applicable here.
 Proposal 2;   a one of fee of between 200 and 600 would be paid at issuing a claim, but this would limit the maximum award to 30,000 - with the option of an additional fee of 1,750 should the case warrant more award than this.
Regardless of which option is introduced, the tribunal, will remain able to order the unsuccessful party to reimburse fees paid by the successful party.



Published: 19 Dec 2011


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