Important new legislation Ė selling at a customerís home or workplace

New legislation called The Cancellation of Contracts Made in a Consumerís Home or Place of Work etc Regulations 2008 has come into effect from October 2008. 
It will apply to sales of cars concluded at the customerís home and when a visit is made to a customerís home to carry out diagnostics/repair.  It applies to solicited and unsolicited visits.

Essentially you have to give the customer a 7-day cooling off period and cancellation notice.  If you proceed before 7 days under certain specified contracts (including supply of services) then you and the customer can agree (in writing) to do so.  If you do not get the details in writing then the customer is not under an obligation to pay and you can be prosecuted!!  It seems Ďover the topí for solicited visits but it is yet another cooling off situation to be aware of.

To get the layout of a cancellation notice/right to start before the 7 day notice agreement you can go to

Published: 08 Dec 2008


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