Shorts ban

Over the summer, the United Kingdom was subjected to a heat wave which caused staggering temperatures.

In the media, there have been a number of stories in relation to male workers being required to wear trousers to work. One particular building firm informed their employees, shorts were a health and safety risk as such the male builders wore summer dresses in protest. Since then, we understand that particular building company have now allowed shorts to be worn.

So, what’s the legal position?

Most employers prohibit shorts particularly in industrial companies however the HSE have confirmed, there is no legal obligation on employers to ban shorts. It is down to the employer to make their own rules based on the findings of their risk assessments.

Therefore, as an employer you could contend it is safer to war long trousers as protections, effects from sun however your employees could attempt to content the matter by suggesting by allowing shorts, employees will reduce the risk from themselves being subject to heat related ill health conditions.

Authors: Roxanne Bradley

Published: 22 Aug 2018


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