In December 2017, we published an article on our website headlined, “Have you agreed to do MotoNovo’s Dirty Work?".  The article referred to a Clause in a contract issued by MotoNovo Finance to an unnamed dealer client, who believed that the Clause was in current usage and enforceable.

Following publication of that article we have been advised by MotoNovo Finance that no contracts issued by them to dealers after December 2014, including, they advise, updated contracts issued to those dealers working with MotoNovo before December 2014, have included the Clause or any of a similar nature.  MotoNovo Finance also state that it would not seek to enforce such a Clause against any dealer which believes it might be subject to such a Clause.

We are pleased to accept that MotoNovo Finance have not included the clause in any dealer contract since December 2014.

We are happy to accept that the subject of the article and headline related only to contracts issued before December 2014.


Published: 02 May 2018


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