Greedy consumer embarrassed in court

Lawgistics have again had success in defending a case brought by an over expectant consumer.  The buyer mentioned in emails that they wanted additional compensation such as vehicle hire, recovery costs and other alleged losses caused by what the consumer said was a defective vehicle.  Our client offered to reimburse her the purchase price of the vehicle in return for the vehicle, keys and paperwork.  The consumer accepted by her actions of handing everything back whereupon the purchase price was returned to the consumer who then went on to sue for the alleged consequential losses.  
Had our client lost, he stood to lose close on £1000.  However, the Judge dismissed almost all of the claim, except just £66!  

The court did not allow the court fees to be met by our client either because it accepted the argument that had the Claimant been realistic and asked for £66 at the beginning, it would have received it without the need to have to go to court.


Authors: Jason Williams

Published: 25 Aug 2017


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