Got CCTV? If you donít register it you could be fined!

Our attention was recently drawn to the Information Commissionerís website ( whereupon we read quite an alarming story.  Whilst a number of our clients will have CCTV installed HOWEVER if they donít register their premises with the Information Commissioner then they could find themselves in the same hot water as one Mohammed Ali Enayet did last August.

For Mr Enayet - the owner of a restaurant in Lancashire Ė failed to register his CCTV with the Commissioner and was prosecuted.  He was fined £100, ordered to pay £250 prosecution costs and a £15 victim surcharge.

As the ICO website says:

ďNotification is a legal requirement for organisations processing and collecting CCTV images under the Data Protection Act. Most organisations will be required to pay an annual notification fee of £35 and provide details about the types of personal information they process.Ē

If you have CCTV installed, open the link below to see whether you need to register and how to do it.  
Donít end up in court by failing to register!

Published: 13 May 2013


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