Changes to the Employment Tribunal System Breaking News!

It has been announced this afternoon by the Chancellor George Osborne that the proposed changes to the Employment Tribunal System will come to fruition in April 2012.

Full details of the proposals have not yet been outlined but the main issues that employers need to be aware of are as follows:

1) The qualifying period for unfair dismissal claims will double from one year to two. It has not been stated whether this will apply to all employees or just to those who begin employment from April 2012. Once this is confirmed, we will update all our clients.

2) That Claimants will have to pay to issue a claims at the Employment Tribunal, and then further fees to have the hearing listed. Figures have not yet been produced but rumours look to be in the region of up to 1000. Again we will inform all clients as soon as more information is produced.

The government aims to now reduce the number of vexatious claims by employees and encourage employers to be more proactive and not fear recruitment of new employees; we hold out hope that it will have the desired effect.

Published: 03 Oct 2011


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