Request for Proposal Subject – HRmanager

Requirement of Works: Website and Application Development

Published Date: June 30 2023 

Closing Date:  July 11, 2023 at 11:59 PM

Submissions and supporting documentation to be sent directly to :  [email protected]

Overview of Request For Proposal
This RFP is for the development of the HRManager SaaS website from a front facing customer experience and promotional point of view and back office dashboard application. This document outlines the project’s objectives, target audience, unique selling points, scope of work, technology stack, security considerations, integrations, plugins, third-party service considerations, hosting specifications, SEO build (launch only one-off)  inclusions for a new unique HR platform which is to be web based initially.
Questions prior to the due date regarding this proposal are welcome. Lawgistics will decide upon a vendor no later than July 14, 2023. In conjunction with Lawgistics staff, a complete launch of the website should be completed on or about October 1st 2023. All proposals should include a project timeline.

HRmanager has design visuals in place which will need to be closely followed pixel perfect from Adobe XD Files created by our design agency. All pages have been designed in both desktop and mobile format and we will need all pages coding to today standards in a responsive device format.

Overview, Background & Goals
The HRmanager website development project aims to launch in the HR market by providing a comprehensive, user-friendly platform that streamlines human resource operations for businesses of all sizes. By offering a suite of tools that address common pain points in HR management, the project seeks to level the playing field, giving employers and employees alike the confidence and reassurance they need to navigate their responsibilities effectively. The platform will also offer access to legal experts, saving time and increasing peace of mind for users.

Currently, the HRmanager system is intimately connected to the main Lawgistics platform which is only tied to one industry vertical (Automotive). This tranche of work aims to separate these and have the HRmanager element distinct from a user perspective. However, the business logic and technology will remain integrated across the platforms. 

Target Audience

HRmanager understand the challenge of managing people and the need for efficient processes. Their mission is to simplify managers’ lives by providing a complete solution that streamlines workflows, promotes paperless operations, and offers deep insights into employee performance and management trends. This overall aim can be split into three predominant audience groups, which will facilitate important user journey decisions throughout the website’s development.

Primary Audience: SMEs, 1-50 Employees

The primary audience is small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) with 1-50 employees. These businesses are currently facing an incident that requires swift and efficient resolution. The incident could involve various areas such as contracts, disciplinary actions, appraisals, or policies. However, the SMEs currently do not have any HR software in place and are managing all these matters manually. Additionally, these SMEs are concerned about the effectiveness and validity of their contracts and policies. They are unsure if their documents comply with modern standards of compliance and if they are up to date.

Secondary Audience: SMEs, 50-100 Employees

The secondary audience is small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) with 50 to 100 employees. These SMEs have concerns about document storage and management, particularly related to potential breaches of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and security issues. They also face challenges in finding time to review and update their contracts and policies manually. Additionally, these SMEs are experiencing inefficiencies and/or high costs with their current human resources (HR) solution.

Tertiary Audience: HR Consultants & Accountants

The tertiary target audience consists of HR consultants and accountants. They face challenges related to repetitive tasks involved in updating company handbooks. They also need to hire extra staff to handle the workload. They have to manage multiple platforms while working with different clients. Making contract and policy updates across various industries is a time-consuming process for them.

Unique Selling Points of HRmanager

HRmanager stands out from its competitors through its unique ability to update existing contracts, policies, and company handbooks seamlessly, eliminating the need for reissuing new documents. Additionally, the tool offers robust reporting capabilities that provide valuable insights from a managerial perspective, prioritising actionable data over superficial employee engagement metrics. With the support of a seasoned legal team, HRmanager goes the extra mile by offering comprehensive legal assistance that surpasses what other tools provide.

Scope of Work for RFP:

1. Website Structure

  • Homepage
  • Platform
    • Platform Features Single
  • Solutions
    • Solutions Single
  • Pricing
  • Sign Up & Payment
  • Thank You
  • Resources
    • Blog Listing
      • Article
    • Help Centre
      • Help Centre Category
      • Guide Listing
      • Guide Article
      • FAQs
      • Videos
    • User Forum
      • User Forum Category
      • User Forum Post
      • Create a Post
    • Support Ticket System
  • Company
    • About
    • The Team
    • Lawgistics
    • Referral Scheme
    • Careers
      • Vacancy Single
    • Contact
  • Account
    • Sign In / Forgot Password
    • Personal Details
    • Plan
      • Buy Credits
    • Company Details
      • Employees
      • Locations
      • Departments
    • Manage User Access
    • Billing
      • Payment Details
      • Invoices
    • Communications
    • My Data
    • Partner Page

2. Key Deliverable Features

01. Homepage

The homepage will introduce the brand and platform with the aim of engaging potential customers and encouraging them to find out more. We will be including the following modules; 

  • Hero Section With Core Hook & Product Showcase
  • Three Value Proposition CTAs
  • Client Logos
  • Solution Use Cases
    • For Small Businesses
    • For Medium Businesses
    • For HR Consultants & Accountants
  • Speak to an Expert CTA
  • Testimonials
  • Three pillar blog posts
  • Newsletter Sign Up

02. Platform

The platform page will be used to showcase the platform and all of its features in more detail. We will utilise best-practice SaaS platform structure and include the following modules; 

  • Hero Section With Core Hook & Platform Showcase
  • Core Issues Solved by the Platform
  • Features & Benefits
  • Pricing CTA
  • Solution Use Cases
    • For Small Businesses
    • For Medium Businesses
    • For HR Consultants & Accountants
  • Speak to an Expert CTA
  • Client Logos
  • Testimonials
  • FAQs

02a. Platform Features Single

The platform features a single template dedicated to showcasing the best individual features of the platform and going deeper as to what they deliver and the benefits they offer. It will include the following modules; 

  • Hero Section With Core Hook & Feature Showcase
  • Core Issues Solved by the Feature
  • Detailed Look at the Feature
  • Solution Use Cases
    • For Small Businesses
    • For Medium Businesses
    • For HR Consultants & Accountants
  • Speak to an Expert CTA
  • Pricing CTA
  • Client Logos
  • Testimonials
  • FAQs

03. Solutions

The solutions page will highlight how the platform works as a solution to more specific business types and industries and will include the following modules; 

  • Hero Section With Core Hook & Solutions Showcase
  • Solutions for Small Businesses
  • Solutions for Medium Businesses
  • Industry-Specific Content
  • Pricing CTA
  • Partnership Features & Benefits
  • Speak to an Expert CTA
  • Client Logos
  • Testimonials
  • FAQs

03a. Solutions Single

The solutions single template will showcase why the platform is suited for the potential customers and their specific business needs. This will be broken down by business size and showcase the features that help fix their individual pain points. 

  • Hero Section With Core Hook for Specific Solution
  • Specific Pain Points the Platform Offers
  • Specific Features & Benefits
  • Pricing CTA
  • Client Logos
  • Testimonials
  • Speak to an Expert CTA
  • FAQs 

04. Pricing

The pricing page will showcase all of the pricing options and what’s included within each package. It will include the following modules;

  • Plan Options
  • Prices
  • Main Features
  • Speak to an Expert CTA
  • Client Logos
  • Testimonials
  • FAQs

04a. Sign Up & Payment

The sign-up and payment pages will provide functionality for customers to purchase the product, we will capture the following details;

  • Personal Details
    • Full Name
    • Email Address
    • Phone Number
    • Password
  • Plan Details
    • Number of Employees
    • Number of Locations
    • Number of Departments
    • Plan Options
    • Add-Ins (Health & Safety, Data Protection, Recruitment)
  • Company Details
    • Company Name
    • Email Address
    • Phone Number
    • Address
  • Billing Details
    • Billing Address
    • Billing Email Address
    • Payment Method
    • Payment Information

04b. Thank You

The thank you page confirms that the order has been successfully placed or the desired action has been completed. It typically includes a message expressing gratitude for the purchase or action taken.

05. Post Type Listing

The post type listing page will be used for the listing pages for all post types including news and whitepapers. Users will be able to filter the results by category. 

05a. Post Type Single

The post type single page will be used for all of the single post types including news and whitepapers. The page will contain the following modules; 

  • Breadcrumb Integration
  • Quick List of H2 Links, “In This Post”
  • Tags That Are SEO Rich 
  • H1, H2, H3, H4 – Styling & Set Up (Feature Can Be Inserted At Will)
  • Main Content Styling & Internal/External Link Styling
  • Number & Bullet Styling
  • Quote Block Styling
  • Large CTA Element That Can be Placed Anywhere Within the Content (Can Contain an Image, Title and Button) 
  • Ability to Embed Videos
  • Micro FAQ Accordion Content
  • Newsletter Sign-Ups / Offer Sign-Ups
  • Social Share Widgets
  • Related Articles

06. Help Centre

The help centre will be used for displaying links to the guides, FAQs and videos which users will use for support and advice. This landing page will contain a search feature, links out to help categories such as ‘Platform Support, HR Support, Payment & Billing’ and also a link out to the support ticket system.

06a. Help Centre Category

The help centre category page will be full of content all based on the specific category including guides, FAQs and videos. 

06b Guides Listing

The help centre guides page will list out the guides article pages which will be solutions to individual problems or help and advice as to how to complete a certain task. The guides will be able to be filtered down by category. 

06c Guides Article

The help centre guide article will be full of content all based on solutions to individual problems or help and advice as to how to complete a certain task.

06d. FAQs

The FAQs will be shorter format answers to simpler questions that don’t require the level of detail that a full help centre guide will include. 

06e. Videos

The help centre videos page will list out the videos which will be solutions to individual problems or help and advice as to how to complete a certain task. The videos will be able to be filtered down by category. 

06f. Support Ticket System

The support ticket system will be where customers can raise a support ticket to raise an issue with the platform, or even to ask a more specific question that may not have been already covered within the help centre. The support ticket system will include a landing page, which will be an easy way to submit a new ticket or view any previous tickets that have been raised. When a customer raises a ticket, they will be able to submit a subject, ticket message, select a level of urgency and attach a file. Once the ticket has been submitted, they will be able to view it and any replies as well as add further comments with attachments also. 

07. User Forum

The user forum will be a place where customers can post questions and comments and other users will be able to interact and help each other to build up a community. The landing page will consist of a search bar to look for previous posts, as well as categories of forum posts and a call to action for customers to create a new post. 

07a. User Forum Category

This page will be a listing page with all of the forum articles within this category. Categories will be determined by HRmanager, but users will have the option to request an additional category if they feel their post doesn’t fit into an existing category. 

7b. User Forum Post

The user forum post is what users will be posting and will contain a subject, body of the post, and any supporting attached and allow other users to post comments and replies.

07c. User Forum Create a Post

This page will be what a user sees when creating a post. They will have fields to add in the subject, body of the post, attach files and select what category the post will belong to. 

08. About

The about page will be an information-based page with content about who HRmanager are and links to ‘The Team’, ‘Lawgistics’, ‘Referral Scheme’ and ‘Careers’ pages.

09. The Team

The team page will include pictures and bios for the team members to showcase the number of lawyers and legal experts and help build trust with potential customers. 

10. Lawgistics

The Lawgistics page will be an information page giving further information on Lawgistics and their history and pedigree and the link between them and HRmanager. 

11. Referral Scheme

Users will be able to utilise the referral scheme page to recommend HRmanager to other businesses. The page will contain information about the rewards of referring a business, the customer’s details and the details of the business they will be referring to the platform. 

12. Careers

The careers page will list out all of the currently open vacancies that HRmanager has as well as outline some of the perks and benefits of working there. 

12a. Vacancy Single

The vacancy page will be where the information about the open job positions will be housed. The template will contain a short introduction with the core details of the role, a longer description, the benefits of the role and a section to apply for the role. 

13. Contact

The contact us page will be where website users will be able to get in touch with HRmanager if they have any queries. Having accessible contact details will help build trust with customers as they know they can easily get in touch if they ever need to. The page will contain contact details and a form where a user can submit an enquiry and the HRmanager team will be able to respond. 

14. Account

Account dashboard with a preview of all of the sections and functionality within the account area. 

14a. Sign In / Forgot Password

Sign in page for users to access their account with a link to forgotten password where they can reset their password if necessary. 

14b. Personal Details

Users will be able to view and edit their personal details including; full name, email address, phone number, and password. 

14c. Plan

Users would use this to view their plan and would be where they would choose to add on the extras such as Health & Safety, Data Protection and Recruitment. This would also include a link to buy additional credits. 

14d. Buy Credits

Users can use this section of the account area to buy credits for additional premium features. 

14e. Company Details

Clients will be able to view and edit their company information including; company name, email address, phone number, and address. It would also link to the employees, locations and departments sections of my account area. 

14f. Employees

Users will be able to see how many employees they have in the HRmanager system. These will be listed by location and department if the client has them set up. There will be a button to link out to ‘Manage Employees’ which will direct them to the platform where they will be able to add, edit or remove employees. 

14g. Locations

Users will be able to see how many locations they have in the HRmanager system. There will be a button to link out to ‘Manage Locations’ which will direct them to the platform where they will be able to add, edit or remove locations. 

14h. Departments

Users will be able to see how many departments they have in the HRmanager system. There will be a button to link out to ‘Manage Departments’ which will direct them to the platform where they will be able to add, edit or remove departments. 

14i. Manage User Access

The manage user access page will show which users have ‘manager’ access to their company. It will show the user’s name and email address and the ‘administrator’ will be able to edit and remove them from this page. Users will also have the ability to invite additional managers through this page. 

14j. Billing

Users will be able to see an overview of their ‘Payment Details and ‘Invoices’ and click through to view and edit the details.

14k. Payment Details

Users will be able to update their payment details including; billing address, billing email address and payment method/details. 

14l. Invoices

Invoices will allow customers to view and download their previous invoices.

14m. Communications

Users will be able to select which newsletter topics they would like to subscribe to e.g. Newsletters, Platform Updates, Legal Updates.

14n. My Data

My data will allow users to see and download the data that HRmanager has stored for them from a GDPR perspective. There will also be the option to delete the data but this will only be applicable to accounts without an active subscription. 

14o. Partner Page

The partner page will only display for HR Consultants and Accountants that have a number of companies that they consult for, from here they will be able to see a list of all of the companies showing the company name, proprietor name and a manage button which will link out to that company’s platform. 

3. Technology Stack

  • Linux
  • PHP
  • MySQL
  • WordPress
  • WooCommerce

4. Security

Brave is not responsible for platform hosting so cannot speak to this element of the stack; however, we suggest as is currently the case Cloudflare is used to protect the origin.

5. Integrations

The platform should integrate with relevant APIs for features such as background checks.

  • HRmanager: Provide access to data for the provision of “My Account”
  • GoCardless: Subscriptions (Paid)
  • SendGrid: Email Delivery
  • HotJar: CRO & UX + Google Analytics (GA4): Marketing
  • Klaviyo: Email Marketing

7. Mobile Responsiveness

The platform should be mobile-responsive to ensure a seamless user experience on all devices.

Browser Compatibility

We expect for vendors to build to the current and latest version of desktop browsers Chrome, Firefox, Edge, and Safari. Design and build for mobile devices – due to the sheer variety of screen sizes, browser and version range.

Third-Party Services

Please advise if any third-party services, plugins, tools or software used in connection with our services are maintained by the third party and are subject to the terms of any agreement between the third party and the client.


The new website should come with two-month support from the moment we Go Live. Please use this time efficiently to fully test the site for look and feel, and functionality. 

Fixed Price Fees & Expenses

The Fees for the project must be based on an agreed hourly rate as part of a one-off project hourly fee outlined separately.

Fixed Pricing & Materials

All Services outlined under Project Scope will be provided on a fixed cost and materials basis. 

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