Bangers 4 BEN 2019 - The Little Boss cuts a deal


It is that time of the year again when myself, (the Judge) and LawJaw, begin thinking about Bangers 4 BEN.

This year will be our fifth anniversary and we want it to be special. We would actually like to make our donations target this year. To do this WE NEED YOU!

Those of you who follow us on social media will have seen that our efforts over the last couple of years have been woeful. This has led to a wholly unfounded allegation that we treat it as some kind of jolly. Both myself and LawJaw wish to wholeheartedly refute these claims.

For the record, neither myself or LawJaw get any pleasure from our Bangers efforts, it is work, work and more work. Getting the car, making sure it’s fit for purpose. Theming the car, getting the graphics done, getting our outfits all takes a great deal of effort. Not to mention the driving, the scenery, the socialising, all immensely hard work.

However, the news from the higher ups is that our efforts are just not good enough and at a secret meeting between the Big Boss and the Little Boss it was decided that we weren’t to be trusted this year. 

Watch what happens in the meeting on YouTube - The Plan

This year the responsibility now lies with the Little Boss, who will be purchasing the banger, deciding on a theme and picking our costumes. It was also decided that if we don’t raise £1000, we would not be allowed to the attend the event next year.

So this is a plea from myself and LawJaw. If you have ever had advice or a free consultation from us, or you use our products, if one of us has ever bought you a drink, or if you just think Lawgistics are awesome, please find just a few quid to contribute, not only will you be helping BEN the motor trade charity to do their excellent work, but you will enable myself and my short boss (sorry LawJaw) to continue our charity work.

CLICK HERE to make a donation

A few pounds will help us towards our target of £1,000 and ensure that Team Lawgistics will be in attendance next year.


Authors: Ian Gardner

Published: 05 Aug 2019


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