CarDealer Power Awards 2019

Yes, the CarDealer Power Awards are once again on the horizon. Your chance to vote for those businesses that have supported you and your business over the last year. Who has provided you with the best product or the best service? Which product has been a gamechanger for your business? Which company has done just that little bit more than you would expect, gone the extra mile for you?

Here at Lawgistics we have a long pedigree of going that little bit further for businesses in the motor trade and our members, be it stationery, warranty products, guidance or advice on legal matters. If you enjoy our  fortnightly legal updates and find them helpful and informative.  If you have taken advice through our work on Facebook, motortrade forums, or if you follow us on Twitter or Linkdin. If you have spoken to us over the phone about an issue you may have, please show your support by voting for us in the Extra Mile category.

Have we gone the extra mile for you, above and beyond the service you might expect?
Vote for us at the Car Dealer Power Awards #21 Extra Mile Award

If you are a member and have enjoyed the benefits of our free legal helpline, or used the casework service. If our legal team has fought your corner please also vote. Those members using HR Manager FREE as part of their membership, has it made a positive impact on your business? Has it made managing your employees easier? again please take to the polls and vote for us in the product innovation category.

Have you benefited from our new software HR Manager?

Vote for us at the Car Dealer Power Awards #20 Product Innovation of the Year

It is nice to be recognised for doing a good job, our mission is to help the motor trade, members or not. If you feel we have helped your business in some way, please vote LAWGISTICS.


Authors: Ian Gardner

Published: 08 Jul 2019


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